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Outfitted Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting in Arizona and New Mexico stands as a remarkable experience for dedicated hunters, each state offering distinct opportunities and challenges.

New Mexico beckons hunters with its stable populations of both Rocky Mountain and Desert bighorn sheep across varied units, offering the fortunate hunters who overcome the draw odds a significant opportunity at harvesting a giant ram. With current estimates showcasing a population of 1,200 Desert sheep and around 1,800 Rocky Mountain sheep, New Mexico stands as a pivotal hunting ground for those eager to have their names in the hat for both species’ draws.

Hunting Bighorn Sheep in New Mexico

In Arizona, the prospects are illustrious, with almost every unit having the potential to yield a Boone & Crockett (B&C) ram, highlighting the state's exceptional management and conservation efforts. The 2022 harvests demonstrated this, showing an average B&C score of over 160" and an average age of 8 years old for harvested Desert bighorns, a notable achievement considering the vulnerabilities of these rams post age 7. These successes in Arizona are attributed to meticulous habitat management, water development projects, and effective predator control, providing 47 total hunts for non-residents to apply for this year.

Arizona Bighorn
Sheep Hunts

Expert Guides

Our team boasts seasoned hunting professionals who know every nook and cranny of these terrains.

Sustainable Practices

We're committed to ethical hunting, ensuring the conservation of the majestic mule deer for generations to come.

Success Rates

With our deep local knowledge and scouting, we boast a high success rate in hunts.

Tailored Expereince

Every hunter is unique, and so is every hunt we guide, tailored to your skills and preferences.

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