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G3 Outfitters


Team G3 is a group of dedicated outdoorsmen, avid hunters, and close friends. We try to minimize the guide turnover that is so prevalent in the outfitting industry. We believe that continuity and familiarity between guides and between guides and clients greatly improve effectiveness while fostering better results and client satisfaction. We commit to providing competent and trustworthy guides. Permitted in the Gila National Forest

The Platt Family

Jay and Kimberly Platt live in Catron County, NM and both have deep ranching roots. Their families have worked and lived on ranches in Arizona and New Mexico for generations. When it comes to habitat and animals, they have continued the legacy that their ancestors began. Jay started G3 Outfitters in 2010 and has developed it into a very successful business. Jay and Kimberly have 4 children, Harvey, Colten, Clara, and Weston. All the children love to go on hunting trips.

The Berns Family

Spencer Berns has lived in Arizona all his life. He has 2 boys, Ryder, 3 years old, and Ridge, who is 1. Spencer has been hunting since he was 12 years old, mainly in central AZ for all species and parts of NM. He had his own successful hunting outfit in the state of AZ which he ran for 4 years, He performed outfitted and guided hunts in AZ and old Mexico but soon ran out of room for growth with AZ being a draw-only state. That’s when he was introduced to Jay Platt by a mutual friend who he has known since jr high.


January 1st 2019, Spencer joined the G3 team, which Jay has built from the ground up to a very successful outfit in NM. Between Jay and Spencer, they’ll continue to grow the company expanding into AZ and old Mexico with Spencer’s background while still focusing on growing in NM and soon-to-be Texas. Providing their clients with the absolute best hunting experience and harvesting the biggest most mature trophies possible. Both are very excited about this opportunity and really looking forward to where they can take G3.

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